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STARBUCKS RESERVE ROASTERY TOKYO offers you unique experience to enjoy coffee and this new one is the world fifth establishment, following Seattle, Shanghai, Milano, and New York. It is four-storied with a basement. On the ground floor there are Main bar as a cafe with its own roasting plant and bakery Princi from Italy. On the second floor located is Teavana where they serve various teas. Arriviamo Bar on the third floor deals alcohol drinks. Multifunctional hall AMU Inspiration Lounge on the fourth floor. The space is decorated with patterns of origami, sakura, and other Japanese motifs combines Japanese culture and coffee culture.
Designer : kkaa + Starbucks Design Studio




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SANTOMI-CENTER is a cafe situated in the center of Kyoto city and the location is a junction of Sanjo-dori street with a lot of historical buildings and Tominokoji-dori street. Visitors are to be welcomed by a long bench and it makes a buffer between inside and outside of the cafe. When they open glazed sliding doors, the cafe become open to the street and lighting fixtures remind us of street lights. The upper floor is a gallery for exhibitions of street culture.
Designer : cafe co.




Nagasawa COFFEE

(Page 94)

photo / Nacasa & Partners

This coffee shop is located in Morioka, Iwate prefecture. It is not just a cafe but it has roasting plants to sell coffee beans and hold workshop on coffee, which means it is a pure place for coffee. Six by one and a half meter big table is in the center of the shop and it is 0.6 meter high. It is used also as a shelf and so on. It makes a good backdrop for coffee drinkers.
Designer : Arii Irie Architects



MOMIJI CHAYA Kamakuraonari-dori

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Momiji Chaya mostly serves matcha, a Japanese tea by ground processed tealeaves.This new one is the second following the first on Komachi-dori, Kamakura city. Base upon a concept of “simple wa(Japanese) modern”, the cafe used white-based color scheme. A weeping maple tree was planted next to the establishment. A white wall of the front facade is lit up to make an attractive face to the street. The wood drop ceiling is not horizontal as it conceals the smoke vent which makes a representative spatial element.
Designer : RIC DESIGN



SCHMATZ Beer Dining Nakameguro

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SCHMATZ was established by a German as a food truck originally to sell beer and German sausage and he then built beer restaurants in Tokyo. This new one opened in Nakameguro where the owner started his business.
The establishment has two-stories: the ground floor is a pub for standing drinkers and the second floor is a dining room commanding a panoramic views of Megurogawa river. The environmental design theme is “Schmatz Hut” based upon a traditional German style hut reinterpreted in a modern style. To make the most of big wide front facade, all fittings are removable to show the inside of the building to the street.
Designer : BaNANA OFFICE




(Page 169)

This Italian style bar is located on the second story of Shibuya Stream, big commercial complex.The owner of the establishment trained himself in Italy and he would like to make an Italian popular tavern in the neighborhood. He was able to share with the interior designer his vision and idea of importance of the interior layout.
The counters are installed in two rows to present lively scenes, so customers mingle with the crowd. The space in which this project was situated has both the highest and the lowest ceiling in the building, and the former emphasizes the display of plants and raw ham and the latter makes the area so cozy.
Designer : STUDIO MOON



A Study of Kakuuchi Liquor shops

(Page 177)

So-called “kakuuchi shops” are becoming popular in cities. It means a liquor shop where people buy sake on the spot while eating snacks at their choices. Therefore, some liquor shops make eat-in spaces and some get business license to sell both sake and food. A report covered the chief instigator of the kakuuchi shop and other new type liquor shops for kakuuchi users to approach the heart of the boom.


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