March 2018, SUMMARY

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New Shop Environment


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HYATT CENTRIC is a new life-style brand of Hyatt hotel featuring the location as the city center or information hub. This one in Ginza, Tokyo makes the first step to Asian market and quotes a lot of contextual information about the history and culture of Ginza, one of the most famous downtowns in Tokyo. As the hotel is located on the former site of the Asahi Shimbun Company for which a lot of printing companies co-worked at one time, the hotel quoted stories and memories of those relation in the environment with intriguing inside works. The guest rooms and elevator halls are decorated with art pieces whose themes including media, entertainment, and landscape.

New Shop Environment


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Following the ones in Beijing, New York, Tokyo, London, this forth Dover Street Market opened Tangling Village in Singapore that keeps the air of British colonial age of the country. Different from the ordinary store, this one is very artistic and filled with objects and art pieces selected by Rei Kawakubo and Adrian Joffe, radiating a feel of the brand. It is a conversion project of a military warehouse and the first one-story building.
Designer : Rei Kawakubo



SPECIAL FEATURE1/Beer Bar & Beer Restaurant

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In the U.S.A. craft beers by microbreweries sparked a boom and they were imported to Japan recently. With such a trendy, we see today a lot of craft beer bars and restaurants. This featured article picks up six cases of the beer restaurants together with stories about draft system and guide to make a brewery.


SPECIAL FEATURE2/Craft Shop / Gallery

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Stores of vessels, tableware and other life tools are still popular among people. Recently some stores, like galleries, display those merchandises like artistic objects in installations. Teruhiro Yanagihara, opened such a shop next to his office. It is NOTA_ SHOP, remodeled from ex-pot factory in Shigaraki, Shiga prefecture, dealing tableware designed by both domestic and overseas artists. This featured article covers such high-end life tool shops.


SPECIAL FEATURE2/Craft Shop / Gallery


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Asahiyaki is an old pottery with tradition of 400 years’ history. This Asahiyaki shop and gallery presents a new lifestyle for enjoying tea and information of tea culture for the next generation. Renovated from an old house along a river and making the most of the existing beams and columns, the interior was reborn as modern interior. Combining shop, gallery and tea room, the establishment has big glazed openings, so you enjoy nice views of Uji River. Designer : Sfera


SPECIAL FEATURE2/Craft Shop / Gallery


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This bakery and tableware shop is a lifestyle emporium designed upon a theme of dining kitchen of a private residence. The finishing materials are natural and accented with steal and mixed mortar. Also, accent color blue is impressive. A bakery kitchen and shop are gently separated, so visitors, surrounded by the scent of freshly baked bread, see bakers work diligently. The guest to this shop feel an affinity with people of the shop.
Designer : YLANG YLANG


EATALY Gransta Marunouchi

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A food hall pioneer EATALY from Italy opened in Gransta Marunouchi, underground shopping court of Tokyo station. The spatial design, based on white color scheme, used wood, stone, and other natural materials, to present a warm and comfortable environment. Hard interior elements and lighting articulate the space. Focal part of the interior feels solid. Despite the narrowness and low ceiling, the establishment strikes a good balance of functionality and comfortability. When it is operated by people, the store becomes vivid and attractive, giving a feeling of “EAT BETTER, LIVE BETTER”.




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This store, as the name suggests, marks a new business of Sarutahiko Coffee featuring TiKiTaKa ICECREAM. It is located, with well-designed attraction, in a concourse of JR Shinjuku station that has the largest number of the passagers in Japan. The concave counters on the shop front welcome and accept you gently. The interior materials include sprayed-wasted-coffee powder boards that remind us of sizzle feeling. A back wall of the kitchen makes the most of exposed original rough surface after removing tiles, which matches other parts of the interior fixtures.
Designer : fujiilab


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