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SHONAN T-SITE, located in Fujisawa city, is a new commercial complex with the main shop TSUTAYA and other thirty tenants of restaurants and shops. The complex is composed of three buildings and the central forty meter long volume named “Magazine Street” where they sell various books and magazines, together with the relevant goods, so bike book corner sells bikes and travel book corner sells travel goods as in each suitable shop environments. This establishment followed TSUTAYA’s former project Daikanyama T-SITE designed by the same architect. Both TSUTAYA stores have something in common but have difference in leasing and other schemes.

Designer : Klein Dytham Architecture NIHON SEKKEI




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Located within the site of Shozan Resort Kyoto, this member’s resort hotel opened, enjoying the changing seasonal mountain views. The design theme is “mountain and moon”. All windows of a lounge command excellent views of surrounding green hills and it makes us feel that both the inside and outside of the building unit. The floor is stone-clad in simple pattern and ceiling is multicolored to emphasize the horizontal lines. Solid stone partitions and stone counter remind us of shapes of mountains.
A big bath has a plaster-walled room for meditational bathing and the shape looks like a moon above the water. Other features include big windows and terrace of the guest rooms to represent harmony with the nature.
Designer : Tokyu Architects & Engineers INC. 
hashimoto yukio design studio ADA


inspired by STARBUCKS

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This new type of STARBUCKS shop targets customers in a residential area. The main entrance is on a busy street and the back entrance is on a calm promenade. For example, this one in Daizawa 5-chome is the second one of “inspired by STARBUCKS”. As the neighborhood has a famous small theater, this shop express a theater-like atmosphere like “coffee theater”.
The wall painting and decoration represent professionalism of this coffee shop. A low counter urges people socialize each other including shop staff. Partly accessible even for customer with dogs.
Designer : Starbucks Coffee Japan


Espresso D' Works

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Cafe Espresso D’ Works opened in Ebisu, Tokyo, a competitive area for restaurant business. This project’s designer Takeshi Sano is a famous for his work of successful restaurants. The interior combined west coast style and Brooklyn style and Sano called it American mix style. The former taste was represented as artful wall coverage of 250,000 grain of coffee beans and the latter was as dull-luster brick walls to invite coffee lovers night and day. All furniture is custom-made.
Designer : Takeshi Sano / SWeeT


Paul Bassett Sunhwa

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Paul Bassett is the world barista champion and there are two cafes in Tokyo, bearing his name. Recently in South Korea, the number of Paul Bassett cafe is rapidly increasing. Korean arm of Paul Bassett opened more than forty cafe and they were all designed by Japanese interior designer Ichiro Shiomi. We features here one of them, Paul Bassett Sunhwa with an interview with him. Shiomi talked about his way of branding, design modifying and style diversification.
Designer : Ichiro Shiomi / spinoff



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This chapel is located in a public space of ANA Crown Plaza Hotel Hiroshima. Six meter high, thirteen meter long, the chapel is in steeple shaped. Tree-patterned elaborated wood frames cover marble virgin road and ceremonial seats. The frames are made of many parts of openwork by skilled craftsmen one by one and it represents a tree of life. The exquisite woodwork creates light and shadow effect like “komorebi”, sunshine filtering through trees.
Designer : Takashi Fujii / NIKKEN SPACE DESIGN



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This cool wedding ceremony facility occupies three stories of a commercial complex WACCA near Ikebukuro station in Tokyo.
A spacious chapel uses the sixth and seventh floor of the building with the use of lot of Swarovsky crystal with built-in lamps. As you enter the chapel, you will immediately notice a crossed beam composed of vertical line and horizontal line of interior elements. Perforated steel dome with soft light and rich natural materials envelops the people giving a warm feeling and sound of falling water.
Designer : infix


la kagu

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Located in front of Kagurazaka subway station, this commercial facility, combined stores and cafe, opened last autumn. It deals clothing, tableware, books, furniture and other errands. The cafe is on the first floor and it opens eight in the morning. The second floor has a hall where they hold bookish events on books and their authors. The building was originally a warehouse of a major publisher and the architect left the most of the existing structure to make the most of the ambience. The front stairs look like a topographical model and the organic curve lines are impressive. This might be one among hip life-style shops in cities. Designer : KENGO KUMA & ASSOCIATES 
Shimizu Corporation C.eighty inc. 71 architects office


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