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photo / Nacasa & Partners

MONCLER, based in Milano, is a well-known apparel brand mostly known as its down jackets, opened a new store in Ginza, Tokyo, following the first one, the flagship shop, in Aoyama.
Designed by Paris-based Gilles & Boissie, the store has two stories. The designers has created all Moncler shops in the world. This Ginza store follows the design and store concept of the brand and it uses white marble, black marble, wood flooring, French wall decorations, steel and glass elements, and mirrors. The interior looks dense and complicated with the mirrors’ reflections of the marble parts, showing a depth and a kind of gorgeousness to entertain visitors.
Designer : Gilles & Boissier Moncler Architecture Department


FEATURE ARTICLE 1/International Cusine Restaurant


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photo / Nacasa & Partners

Located in Grand Lisboa Hotel in Macau, this remodeled casual restaurant, serving noodle and congee, faces to the hotel casino and the void. A Chinese garden was represented in modern design grammar with shiny materials like marble and so on. In the environment, there is a lot of Chinese graphics, lattice, and objects designed by Alan Chan who invited Yukio Hashimoto to the project team. Intricate hallways and an arched bridge surround a metallic-roof gazebo and each area has each different seat where customers enjoy natural feeling with a backdrop of bamboo grove installation.
Designer : Yukio Hashimoto / hashimoto yukio design studio inc.


FEATURE ARTICLE 1/International Cusine Restaurant


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photo / Jonathan Leijonhufvud

This French restaurant is simply laid out in a from of two bench seats for two walls and the round tables located in the center of the interior so that staff can take a survey in there. Seamless painted walls, perfectly flat plaster walls, and warm oak decorations ceiling boards share the same calmness and hospitality. There is a stonewall near sashed terrace and it gives a depth spatially. Each table has drawer to stock sufficient cutlery for courses for customers to use on their own.
Designer : Toshio Koyama / SWANS


FEATURE ARTICLE 1/International Cusine Restaurant

BARBACOA Roppongi Hills

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This chained restaurant is famous for its grilled meat “churrasco” , which is served and cut by staff called “persuader” for each table and the intriguing manner makes a selling point. A huge salad bar is in the center of the interior and a churrasco oven “chrassqueiro” is in the back. Also notable is a private room “chef’s room”, as the first of this chain, where the chef intimately cocks and serves churrasco.
Designer : Jumpei Yamagiwa / DESIGN POST




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A store of DESCENT BLANC, a new brand of DESCENT, opened in Fukuoka. The interior design theme is to introduce movement in the environment. The designer re-considered an activity of staff who fetches an items from a stockroom to shoppers. As a result, here they introduced innovative hangers which moves up and down and deliver needed items to a shopper instantly. The hangers are also decoration, so the positions of the items change everyday.
Designer : Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects




ANAYI Abeno Harukas

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FUMITA DESIGN OFFICE INC. have been working for ANAYI an apparel brand for a long time a captive interior designer and the common design time is “classical and modern”. This new one is located in Abeno Harukas in Osaka focuses on use of abstract frames. Some salient parts of walls with built-in indirect lamps express lines of light. The displaying platforms and the ceiling are finished simply to make the wall look solid and heavy.
Designer : Akihito Fumita / FUMITA DESIGN OFFICE INC.




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The second RHC store, a concept store of Ron Herman, opened in Lalaport Expocity Osaka, following the first one in Minatomirai Yokohama. It is two-storied and the first floor sells men’s and women’s garments, everyday goods, art pieces, and sporting gears and the second floor is a cafe.
Based upon a brand’s basic theme “nature of Ron Herman”, this store deepens it as “self build” concept. The exterior uses salvaged lumbers and the tables look so rough and coarse as they were as if just made from woods in the mountains. Also a layman’s log-framed-house is attractive. Not only pros but also matures are found of this atmosphere and are motivated to make something.
Designer : Miki Yoshida / SO,u INC.




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For the first time in thirty years since it opened at a corner of Koen-dori, Shibuya, Marui City Shibuya was reborn currently as Shibuya MODI with new mixed tenants, to activate the local market. The main environmental design theme of this project is intellectual commercial space gathering appealing tenants for visitors to play, learn, create, and wind up here. The environmental design is, as whole, quite simple and visitors could appreciate even secular change of the materials used.
Designer : Shigeto Nagashima / AIM CREATE Co.,Ltd.





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