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DONKOU, a library and cafe, is located in a quiet place in the
mountains in the northern part of Kyoto City. It is a library where
book director Yoshitaka Haba's collection of 3,000 books is open
to the public and there is "Kissa Fang" where hand-roasted beans
are carefully brewed with flannel drip. This is a house with shops,
and the owner's residence is on the second floor of the building.
The building has an impressive exterior, reminiscent of a temple
hall, with its white plaster walls and tiled roof. You enter the
building through the ohyaishi stone approach and can see the
cypress forest outside through the windows. The view from the
window seems to have been cut out by the low eaves and
verandah. There is a small floor-raised area with tatami mats, and
by sitting on it or using it for storage, there is less furniture in the
room, making it look tidy.
Designer : Yasushi Horibe Architect & Associates
Designer : OSTR


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“kasiki” is an ice cream shop located in the Nishihara shopping
street in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. A 50-year-old wooden two-story
barbershop with high ceilings has been converted into the store.
The street in front of the store is busy every day with local
residents shopping and walking. This project first considered how
to create a relationship between the store and the street. The
store opens onto the street, has a horizontal opening with a low
height, and has a bench that connects the outdoors and indoors,
creating a space where you can relax and enjoy. The bench is
designed to be long and deep, so it can be used as a table or sofa
seat. The horizontally long opening allows the people inside to not
worry about the line of sight from the street outside, and when
sitting on the bench, it becomes one with the scenery of the
street. By fully opening the windows, a semi-outdoor space is
created that feels like part of the city.
Designer : Masahiro Hoshida Artisanal Architecture


(Page  80)

“Takenokuma” is located in Minamiogunimachi, Kumamoto
Prefecture, a place surrounded by vast countryside and rich in
nature, where the pure water flowing from the source flows into
the lives of the people. In order to take advantage of the beauty of
this area, the designer focused on “architecture centered around
water'' and “architecture outside” and he organized the space so
that the board room, corridor, and tearoom surrounded the water
garden. The architect designed the building by taking advantage
of the difference in height of the site, so people feel as if they are
floating in the water garden when they are between the boards,
and when they walk along the corridor they feel as if they are
walking along the edge of the water garden. When you are in the
cafe, you can experience a variety of sensations as if you were
diving into a water garden. The building has a roof made of
66,000 Oguni cedar boards and a ridgepole made of polished
logs and , what is more, local Oguni cedar was used in a variety of
other ways, including as the base for roofs and formwork for
Designer : TORU SHIMOKAWA architects

Horiguchi Coffee Komae

(Page  92)

"Horiguchi Coffee Komae" opened in 1999 and has been loved by
the local community for over 20 years. Renovation plans were
made to inherit the long history of the store, expand the customer
base with new style, and provide a new place for gathering and
learning as a cultural salon. A counter was set up in the center of
the store, creating areas with different characteristics for each
location and creating a space where they could spend time with
many ways. The designer's intention was for the materials used
here to change their appearance over time, allowing the interior to
endure the changes

Derailleur Brew Works Yamanofumoto

(Page  150)

craft beer stand has opened on the first floor of the Hankyu
Minoo station building. This project is located about 20 minutes by
train from central Osaka, with the majestic Mt. Mino rising in the
background, and is located at the perfect halfway point between
city and nature. There is an entrance on the station side, and on
the other side there is a road that leads to the mountain, and there
is a 750mm difference in height between the floors. The height
difference was gently connected by five steps that rise by 150
mm, and tiles similar to the existing tiles of the station building
were pasted there. The interior and exterior of the beer stand are
well integrated with the fully open façade and floor steps that
follow the terrain and the counter occupies the center.
This beer stand, combined with the large opening, looks as if it is
part of the city and part of the mountain.


(Page  182)

TIELS BREWING was a plan to realize the craft beer culture of “a
small brewery that is close to the local community'' in Mishima,
The front of the store is a sliding glass door, allowing passersby to
get a feel of the store's interior and look at the stainless steel
tanks used in the brewing equipment. Sitting on a concrete bench
in front of the store facing the street, you can enjoy a drink and get
involved in the local community while enjoying the city atmosphere.
The designer didn't overdo the decorations, and used a simple
design to highlight the people, food, and brewing equipment in the
store. He created a store with just the right balance.
Designer : Tukurito Architects


(Page  186)

This store, which opened in Honancho, Tokyo, is a brewery that
manufactures and sells craft beer. The site of this project is
located in the middle of a tenement house, facing the road, with a
depth of 1820 mm and a two-story atrium space were newly
established. The entire façade is made of glass, giving the
impression that the road is entering the premises. The brewery
space and office space are placed in the back of the atrium, and
the walls facing the atrium were designed in consideration of how
to effectively show or hide them. The store aims to revitalize the
local shopping district and employ people with disabilities, and the
beer produced here will be provided to nearby restaurants.
This is the creation of a store that is rooted in the local community.
Designer : DOG


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