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osaka sauna DESSE

(Page  51)

Located in the Shinsaibashi shopping district of Osaka, osaka
Sauna DESSE is a new hot spring facility. It is a large facility
located on the fourth floor of a commercial building, with seven
saunas on approximately 900 ㎡ . The building is a closed space
with limited openings, but in order to make it an "extension of the
everyday", the local context and materials found in the
neighborhood are incorporated into the design of this building.
There are sauna rooms designed to have different personalities,
such as a sauna that looks like a tearoom with tatami mats and a
sauna with a water bath in it, and the flow lines around each
rooms were deliberately planned to be complex. The floor was
originally occupied by an amusement facility, so there were a
number of steps in the floor to accommodate the various
By adding a waterway to the floor, the plot was made to look like a
cityscape with a river circling it, and saunas dotted around it like
pavilions, creating an architecture that resembles a garden.
Designer : OSTR

The Hive

(Page  74)

Located in Tatayama, Toyama Prefecture, Healthian-wood is a
complex that grows herbs and offers their bounty in a restaurant
and spa. The Hive is a hotel with a sauna that was created in this
context. The establishment was designed as a place away from
the hustle and bustle of the city to confront the natural landscape
of soil, water, and the Tateyama mountain range.
Saunas are also devices that help users face nature and
themselves. The building is a hexagonal structure based on the
motif of a beehive, half of which is buried in the earth to maintain a
comfortable indoor environment throughout the year, and its
hexagonal cross-sectional shape improves the thermal efficiency
of the two sauna rooms.
The water bath uses water that utilizes water originating from the
Tateyama mountain range, and the surface of the water reflects
the surrounding landscape and sky, allowing users to experience
a sauna where they can feel the land.
Designer : KUROFUNE Design Holdings

Spa Greenness SORA

(Page  144)

The resort village COCO VILLAGE is located in a corner of the
Senomoto Plateau at an altitude of 850 to 900m, straddling
Kokonoe Town in Oita Prefecture and Minami-Oguni Town in
Kumamoto Prefecture. Nine guest rooms are scattered throughout
the grounds of this quiet facility surrounded by nature, all of which
are of the detached type and have open-air and semi-open-air
baths with free-flowing hot-spring water. One of these rooms is
SORA, which is arranged diagonally in a square plan to maintain
privacy as a private room and to enjoy views in four directions
from the living/dining room in the center.
SORA is windmill-shaped when viewed from above, and the
interior is divided by walls, with a large living/dining room in the
center, which makes an architecture that fully enjoys the rich
natural environment.
Designer : yHa architects


(Page  148)

The "Machizentai Auberge Project" opened in Doi, Izu City,
Shizuoka Prefecture, in 2021 with LOQUAT Nishi-Izu as its main
content. The first phase of this project was to convert a 110-yearold
private house in the neighboring village of Odoi into a single
lodging villa. The main house has a large opening that provides a
clear view of the greenery along the river that runs beside it, and
together with the large opening on the garden side, the entire
building has a sense of openness. The separate house has an
open-air bath and spa with a view of the sky and the greenery on
the other side of the river. The landscaping makes the most of the
approach to the building and the garden viewed from the
bedrooms, and the design allows guests to feel the time flowing
leisurely. Just like the original building, the environment is based
on the idea of local production for local consumption, with local
soil used for the mud walls and local cherry wood for the dining


(Page  168)

“Hida no mori de kuma wa odoru(a.k.a. Hidakuma)”, a company
involved in the distribution of hardwoods and the planning and
production of architecture, furniture, and products, has created a
new center for promoting the use of hardwoods on the grounds of
a sawmill located on the edge of the forest and town. In order to
create a place that embodies the potential of hardwoods,
hardwoods were used for structural materials. The wood with tree
nots, cracks, and narrow widths that were not used for structural
members were used for furniture, fixtures, flooring, and decking.
The wood shavings and wood bristles generated in the wood
processing were used for insulation or compressed into wood
boards. The wood with tree nots, cracks, and narrow widths that
were not used for structural members were used for furniture,
fixtures, flooring, and decking. They created a space that seems
to have taken in the diversity of the hardwood forest as it is.
Designer : TSUBAME ARCHITECTS + chidori studio +


(Page  186)

KITOKI in Kabuto-cho, Tokyo, is a 10-story office and retail building
that combines a wooden structure inside a mega-structure made of
SRC. The four impressive columns on the building's exterior are
decorated with designs of the wings of four different insects:
beetles, dragonflies, ladybugs, and grasshoppers. These designs
are cast in concrete on wooden formwork produced in conjunction
with design data and numerical control machining, and the surfaces
are finished with an organic, soft look. The first floor of the building
houses a brewpub operated by Heiwashuzo, a sake producer
founded in 1928 in Kainan, Wakayama Prefecture. This is a place
where you can casually enjoy doburoku (a traditional Japanese
homebrewed concoction), mainly at the counter, and feel the
warmth of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and harmony with
Designer : ADX


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