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June 2017, SUMMARY

SHOTENKENCHIKU is monthly magazine of Japanese interior design / store design / commercial architecture




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photo / Nacasa & Partners

Hoshinoya, operated by Hishino Resorts, a famous luxurious chained hotel, opened Hoshinoya Bali in January, in Ubud, Bali island. As the people in Bali keep traditional arts and crafts and music from Bali Hinduism, the hotel quoted them in its environmental design elegantly. Roughly the hotel can be divided in two zones. A flat zone, facing to a pool, is for accommodation and a zone on a steep-side-valley is open to the public. In various places in the hotel site, you see some gazebos, which provide you relaxation. Public space and private space fuse together smoothly in a Japanese way of spatial composition.
Designer : AZUMA ARCHITECT & ASSOCIATES + studio on site



Hoshino Resort KAI ANJIN

(Page 59)

photo / Nacasa & Partners

This hotel is located in Ito, Shizuoka Prefecture, where William Adams (1564-1620), known in Japanese as Miura Anjin, built the first Western-style ship in Japan. In the entrance lounge on the ground level has an art wall decoration composed of salvaged parts of an old ship. A restaurant on the second story used fourteen art pieces as partitions for booths. The guest rooms occupy from the third to the sixth story and the seventh floor is for suite rooms. The notable interior materials are mud, wood and other related natural materials. On the roof top there is a big bath and outdoor bath commanding panoramic views of the pacific ocean and there is also a open deck area reminding us of a ship deck.
Designer : Takashi Sugimoto / SUPER POTATO




(Page 73)


Brand-new case studies of smart lighting design are collected in this featured article. How lighting designers use their magic of lighting, by their tactics and original lamps, to vitalize the spaces is intriguing for those who are in spatial design business. Here are new styles of lighting for hotels, clubs, and wedding halls.
Interviews with designers of custom-made lighting fixtures and reports on this year’s EUROLUCE give you inspiration of design and useful information about the current lighting.



FEATURE ARTICLE1/Casual Bar & Club


(Page 106)

photo / Jonathan Leijonhufvud

This bar is located on the third story of Intercontinental Beijing Sanlitun. The establishment sells wine daytime and serves as a bar nighttime. So, the place is filled with a lot of wine bottles in a classy atmosphere matching to the luxurious hotel. The design concept is “floating wine cellar”. Making the most of the existing expressive hard steel beams, wine racks of metal square pipes were installed, which gives customers a unusual feeling and attracts people. Designer : Norio Katsuta + Li Zhichao / STUDIO+0601 FEATURE ARTICLE1/Casual Bar & Club



FEATURE ARTICLE1/Casual Bar & Club


(Page 114)

Disco box is a new type entertainment space, originated from the U.S.A., mixing club and lounge with performances. Party on Tokyo can be the first one of the chain in Japan. The nation’s biggest LED vision and other laser machine like LED movings are also used extensively. Upon a design concept of “underground glamorous”, the interior was designed to intoxicate customers with seductive and underground artifacts. The focal point of the interior is a stage for performances and it is surrounded by a pool, bar counter, and sofas. Lot of art pieces by Mr.buggy and other stimuli welcome you cooly.
Designer : Akitoshi Imafuku / supermaniac




(Page 147)


The 56th Milano Design Week is the annual international furniture exhibition staged at the halls of Fiera and Fuorisalone, a set of events distributed in different areas of Milano from April 4-9, this year. Aper, Zanotta and other famous companies launched new lines of furniture and Karimoku New Standard among them attracted people’s attention. Salone Satellite, exhibition for designers under thirtyfive celebrated 20 year anniversary. Fuori Salone showed New Spring, collaboration of Studio Swine and fashion brand COS. Also noteworthy is TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA x LG : S.F_Senses of the Future.


FEATURE ARTICLE2/Wedding & Chapel


(Page 164)

More and more special chocolate shops open that takes pride in making authentic products by chocolatiers using fine cocoa beans to keep up with demand for variety in consuming chocolate. This featured article covers practical keywords of the business from shop owners and even production process of chocolate to give some hints to interior designers.



white essence Hiroshima Pacela

(Page 142)

White essence is nation-wide dental aesthetic salon chain, specializing dental whiting and esthetic dentistry. This new one in Hiroshima, has layered walls, for the façade and waiting room, with built-in indirect lamps, reminiscent of mille-feuille. The ambient lighting is gentle and soothing, together with paint of white by different hues. Layered elements and decorations was repeated even on surfaces of the counter, aisles, and other areas severalfold.
Designer : Yuka Kimura / SPACE



okano dental clinic

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SHOTENKENCHIKU is the only magazine which has been dedicating to Japanese store design and commercial architecture since 1956. The magazine offers readers the very latest interior design of restaurants, hotels, fashion stores, hair salons, etc with many pictures, detailed floor plans and information of main materials. It is considered to be a must-read for architects, interior designers.